The Journey To Being Plastic Free

Plastic is a massive topic at the moment and it dawned on me today just exactly how much plastic I personally use every day. Below is a photo of everything that I use at least weekly, that is plastic and gets thrown away after it's finished with. At least it's everything I can think of... Continue Reading →


BLOG TOUR: A Spoke In The Wheel by Kathleen Jowitt

A Spoke In The Wheel tells the story of Ben, a disgraced cyclist who is trying to rebuild his life far away from anyone who could possibly know who he is or what he’s done. Or so he thinks. The first coffee shop he stumbles upon he meets Vicki and Polly, two cycling mad women... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Anna by Amanda Prowse

I had been loooong awaiting the release of Anna, another book by the incredible author Amanda Prowse. Anna is one half of a two book series, telling Anna and Theo's versions of the same story. First off, I would like to talk about the cover. So beautiful. Especially paired with the cover of this book's... Continue Reading →

A Week in Wookey Hole

Okay so it wasn't quite a week but I like the alliteration and the innuendo. Mendip View - Luxury Lodges at Wookey Hole Hotel  We stayed in one of the luxury lodges at Wookey Hole Hotel called Mendip View. The lodge area looked fairly new and there were only 6 or 7 caravans in the... Continue Reading →

Writing a Book: Update #2

Since my last update, I’ve been pretty much constantly ill and celebrating a ton of birthdays so I haven’t had a huge amount of time to write. In my previous post, I said I’d written 6000 words and right now I’m on 10,000, so I’ve only written 4000 words in about 6 weeks. My aim... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Solo by Jill Mansell

Solo tells the story of Tessa who unexpectedly becomes pregnant after a one night stand with the local ladies man and heartbreaker Ross. Solo documents their struggles as they deal with trust issues, a dysfunctional relationship, a hapless best friend and more than just a little bit moody bother. Not to mention the local press... Continue Reading →

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